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Largest Town in South Carolina Goes Live with Oracle Cloud ERP

[fa icon="calendar"] July 31, 2020 / by Highstreet

Highstreet and the Town of Mount Pleasant are celebrating a successful go-live of the town's Oracle ERP Cloud and Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service implementation project in the midst of a global pandemic.


The Town of Mount Pleasant is a large suburban town in South Carolina and is the fourth largest municipality and largest town in the state. It is also one of South Carolina’s fastest growing areas. The Town employs more than 600 employees and provides services which include police and fire protection, municipal court, sanitation, maintenance of buildings and infrastructure, recreational facilities and programs, construction permitting and building inspections, land use planning and code enforcement, transportation management and  general administrative and legal support.


In 2018 the Town of Mount Pleasant worked with the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) to map the Town’s current business processes and define requirements for a future ERP implementation. The Town's goal was to implement a system that supported business process change, was intuitive to use, allowed staff to perform data analysis, and provided easier access to data.  The Town chose Oracle ERP Cloud as well as Oracle's Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service as their Financials system of choice. 


In December 2019, the Town of Mount Pleasant selected Highstreet as their implementation partner. The Highstreet methodology for Oracle Cloud implementation is based on the Oracle Unified Method with one significant enhancement: The Mount Pleasant implementation team was provided hands-on access to a configured system very early in the project. Thus, they were able to fully participate in all phases of the project because of the early knowledge transfer sessions. The result was a successful go live in June 2020 and the ability for Mount Pleasant to begin owning the application much earlier after go-live. Even with the added complexities of social distancing and working remotely as the town prepared for a go-live in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, Highstreet’s project with Mount Pleasant, SC finished on time and on budget.


Another success factor for the project was Mount Pleasant’s choice to license Highstreet’s Bridges tool. Bridges is a cloud-based solution that allows connectivity, integration, and advanced data processing across different file systems, applications, and cloud SaaS solutions.  This enabled the town to much more rapidly convert data and build integrations to third-party systems.  Additionally, Mount Pleasant chose to leverage Highstreet’s Extended Cloud Service (ECS). Highstreet ECS provides a complete solution that supports the Cloud Suite heath, product update, 24/7 ongoing user support, and future enhancements.

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Not only has Mount Pleasant succeeded in implementing best business practices, but they are setting the standard for other municipalities nationwide with the digital transformation of their ERP system. The Town of Mount Pleasant has a lot to celebrate with the success of this project despite the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, the town will now realize the value of a modern ERP system that can support the complexities of doing business through the global pandemic today and whatever lies ahead.

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