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Highstreet Bridges™ Enables a Seamless Path to Oracle Cloud Suite

[fa icon="calendar"] May 4, 2020 / by Robb Penoyer

Highstreet Bridges is an Integration Platform as a Service that streamlines integrations enabling a seamless path to the Oracle Cloud Suite.


How does Bridges™ work?

Platform independence is gained through the use of Bridges™ with its ability to communicate and transact with both legacy platforms and new high tech solutions.


Whether using an IBM JCL controlled mainframe or an Oracle Analytical cloud platform, Bridges™ enables the data to flow between them in a clean, secure manner. Bridges™ enhances Oracle’s data mapping with Integration Cloud Service (ICS). Your metadata is comprehended and then enhanced with Bridges™. With it’s simple configuration front end, core control data can be maintained, distributed and used to enable stronger data integrations.


Bridges™ also enables mobile applications to interact with your entire enterprise intellectual data in a secure and timely fashion.


Highstreet has built Bridges™ adapters to communicate with current industry leading technologies such as: Oracle eBusiness Suite, PeopleSoft, and Oracle Cloud Applications. Bridges™ is an extensible framework, meaning an adapter for your custom need can be built quickly and easily using industry leading integration standards.


Highstreet Bridges™:

  • Provides consistent information to customers, employees and partners eliminating duplication of data;
  • Leverages master data across all platforms;
  • Provides real-time process monitoring of your integrations as they execute;
  • Improves performance of data migration to support high transaction volumes;
  • Is the absolute best tool for performing conversions to Oracle Cloud;
  • Builds integrations using industry leading standards, leveraging Oracle’s Cloud integration tools; and
  • Creates an integration framework that is scalable for business and system

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Robb Penoyer


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Highstreet provides modernization, cloud enablement, and managed services for your Oracle applications and IT infrastructure.

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