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Spearheading First Banner & Destiny to Oracle Cloud Interfaces

[fa icon="calendar"] February 9, 2021 / by Highstreet

In the first ever Banner & Destiny to Oracle Cloud Interfacesthe Highstreet team, led by Daniel Litty, has designed seamless interfaces from both Banner and Destiny external systems to Oracle Cloud—specifically the Payroll module. When Highstreet kicked off the Harper College cloud implementation project, they knew that inbound interfaces from Banner & Destiny would be needed. After working closely with Oracle and ultimately confirming that no one had ever built an interface like this, the Highstreet team pioneered the effort to ensure project success. 


The Banner & Destiny systems work together to provide data necessary for calculating the amount to be paid to Instructors who have been assigned to teach specific courses for the semesterThe data in the Destiny file provides the instructor/course information and the amount to be paid to the Instructor over the Course Dates. The data in the Banner file provides the instructor/course information and additional data to compute the amount to be paid to the Instructor over the Course Dates. The interfaces from Banner and Destiny to Oracle Cloud were absolutely critical. In a single pay period, the interfaces loaded more than 1,200 Instructor/Course Payments into Cloud Payroll Element Entries. The alternative manual processes to automated interfaces would not have been feasible for the College.  


The interfaces loaded 1,200+ course payments in a single pay period 


 Our Highstreet team accomplished all of this in just a few months to replace a home-grown system which had taken more than 10 years tfully developWith additional functionality added into Harper’s interface to further reduce the amount of manual work necessary, Harper can focus on its core business rather than data validation. 


This interface was highly complicated with multiple dependencies which needed to be verified in various systems before end calculations could be made.  


“They are highly complex Interfaces, especially Banner. In a regular interface, you basically take data from the interface file and place it into the receiving system. So, it’s more a mapping exercise than building logic and rules. Banner & Destiny had several complexities. With Banner, we had to compute the Amount of the Course using both data from the Interface and data from Cloud. For both Banner & Destiny, we had to derive the Start and End Date of the Entries into Cloud Payroll based on the Start and End Dates on the Courses. For Banner & Destiny, we also had to compute the SURS (State University Retirement System) Percentage that applied to each Course.” 

--Daniel Litty 

Principal Consultant, Higher Education 


Special thanks to the team who spearheaded the interfaces: Daniel Litty, Praveenkumar Ghantasala, Vikranth Muhigala and DushyantSingh Tanwar. Thanks also to Joan Scott, Bruce Moore, Bill Webb and Jayaseelan Thimman for their leadership and support.  

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