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Quick Tip: You're in control with PeopleSoft Selective Adoption

[fa icon="calendar"] June 25, 2018 / by Beth Mayhew, Highstreet

Selective Adoption is the new methodology that came along with PeopleSoft v9.2 and the PeopleSoft Update Manager (PUM).

Selective Adoption allows you to selectively apply PeopleSoft fixes and new features when you want them. No more upgrades.

Utilizing Selective Adoption, you can quickly and easily adopt new features and apply maintenance to your PeopleSoft Applications.

With updates being more frequent, new features and maintenance are easy to apply. The work that used to go into planning an upgrade now happens throughout the year as a normal part of updating and maintaining your system.

The best part is - you're in control. You decide what to apply and when to apply them.

Now is the time to define your strategy.

Make sure to set your budget for frequent maintenance and feature adoption and adjust your schedule. When budgeting and scheduling for new feature adoption, also consider your maintenance strategy (and vice versa).

Application Update Guidelines

When your products are up-to-date, applications run better and future features and maintenance are easier to apply. Choose scheduling that works best for your organization--stagger updates to occur at different times or do them all at once.

Stay Current in PeopleTools

It’s important to stay on a supported version of PeopleTools to facilitate easy updates for new application features and fixes. In rare cases, bug fixes might require a certain PeopleTools patch level. Oracle makes every effort to ensure that required patches have been generally available for 9-12 months.

PeopleTools Update Guidelines

Regularly update to the most current PeopleTools patch level. Every 12-24 months, upgrade to the current PeopleTools release.

Measure Your Progress

Make sure that your feature adoption and maintenance strategies are being followed. Create processes to monitor whether you're adopting high-value features, are your strategies being followed, and how up-to-date is your maintenance?

The PeopleSoft Update Manager (PUM) Dashboard provides useful analytics that help you understand the maintenance level of your system.

Keep everyone "in the loop"

It's important to keep business leaders and your IT staff up-to-date on new features and changes. Business and technical analysts both need to know what PeopleSoft is working on, when new Update Images will be available, and what has already been delivered in the Update Images.

You're in Control

Selective Adoption allows you the freedom to choose only the updates you want, only when you want them. You can quickly and easily adopt new features and apply maintenance. And adapt your strategy, schedules, and budgets to update applications and PeopleTools frequently.

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Source: Oracle

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