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Quick Tip: With OAC and BICS, let the Oracle Database Cloud Service do the heavy lifting.

[fa icon="calendar"] June 28, 2018 / by Aakash Rami, Highstreet

Your business is changing and you need an easy, visual way to explore your data. But, how do you convert the data into insight?

Data to answer your questions is in many different formats and systems, from spreadsheets and files, to on-premises systems and cloud applications. You want simple options for loading all that information — like being able to upload files yourself, without having to know anything about data structures or writing queries.

The Oracle Database Cloud Service offers elastic database services for application development, test and production deployment. The service delivers an easy to use web console user interface and RESTful API to provision and administer Oracle Database on Oracle Compute Cloud Offerings.


  • The BICS Data Model has a great capacity to create calculated fields by using formulas and the expression editor. However, as a best practice, let the Oracle Database Cloud Service and the ETL (or ELT) create the more complex field derivations that use CASE, DECODE or Nested SQL statements.
BICS Data Manipulations
  • The reason for this is that the database layer is always the more powerful computing layer in any Business Intelligence environment. Therefore, allow the database to do the heavy lifting and present data fields that are ready for reporting directly to BICS or Data Visualization Services.
  • The ETL and Database are designed to perform complex data manipulations and store end results. So, let the processing power of the database be efficiently and effectively utilized here. The upstream metadata layer of the BICS Data Model can then effectively prepare data for report authoring. If lots and lots of complex calculated fields are created in the BICS Data Model, this will negatively impact reporting performance as these calculations are rendered at run-time.
  • It’s not to say that no calculated fields should be in the BICS Data Model, not at all. The BICS Data Model can perform many field manipulations efficiently using the large library of the expression editor. For better performance, in report rendering and retrieval, the fewer calculations that occur at run-time, the better the performance of the Analyses.

OAC - Oracle Analytics Cloud

BICS - Business Intelligence Cloud Services


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