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Quick Tip: Are you utilizing CFO to understand new Oracle functionality in a release?

[fa icon="calendar"] May 21, 2018 / by Highstreet

The Oracle CFO (Cumulative Feature Overview) is a great starting point for users to understand the new functionality of a release they are going to be using.

The Oracle CFO tool helps you plan your upgrades by providing concise descriptions of new and enhanced solutions and functionality that have become available between your starting and target releases.

You simply identify the products you own, your existing release, and your target implementation release. With a single click, the tool quickly produces a customized set of high-level, concise descriptions of features developed between your starting and target releases.

The CFO is available for PeopleTools as well as PeopleSoft applications.

For a high-level view of planned new features and enhancements for the PeopleSoft product line, please visit the Planned Features and Enhancements page HERE.

To use the CFO (Cumulative Feature Overview) tool to identify product features available to you when upgrading to a new release, just go HERE



How to use the CFO tool:

  • Select one or more products from the Available Products list and use > button to move it to the Selected Products List.
    • To select ALL products, just click on >> button.
    • To remove the products from the selected Products List, select the products from Selected Products List and click on < button.
    • Use << button to remove all the products from the selected Products List.
  • Select your current release (Current) and the release you plan to upgrade to (Target).
  • Click the Generate Report button.
  • This will automatically generate a new report.

The PeopleSoft Cumulative Feature Overview (CFO) Report is a most useful tool for you to have and run if you are interested in optimizing your current PeopleSoft system, considering upgrading to 9.2, or applying a new PUM image. The report will show you what is available in the new system and compare it to what you are missing – i.e., software sitting on the shelf or images you have not implemented yet. 

Visit the PeopleSoft Information Portal for more documentation. 


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