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Quick Tip: Use Oracle BICS DataSync for loading on-premise data to the cloud.

[fa icon="calendar"] May 24, 2018 / by Highstreet

Organizations are moving more of their applications to the cloud. Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service [BICS] Data Sync is a simple and straightforward solution that uses Data Loader, SQL Developer Carts or Rest API's to migrate locally-hosted relational data to the cloud.

Preparing Data in Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service

Use Data Sync to upload, and manage data. You can load data from files (CSV and XLSX), various relational sources (tables, views, SQL statements), OTBI, JDBC data sources, and Oracle Service Cloud. You can load to relational tables or data sets.

If you’re loading data into either Database As A Service or an on-premises database that is configured using the ‘Oracle (Thin)’ connection type, then you can also use Data Sync to transform relational data.

Download Data Sync from the Oracle Technology Network and install it locally on a Windows or UNIX machine.

  • Data Sync can be used with full blown ETL functionalities if the architecture allows staging tables. All of your workflow jobs can be scheduled within Data Sync and Oracle Database Cloud Service works best for Data Sync. Transformations can be applied to the incoming data, as well as on the staging records.  And the installation is quick and simple.
  • You can load data to BICS using the default connection setting in BICS rather than specifying the database connection details in Data Sync.
  • Data Sync is provisioned to load data to the schema directly in BICS, and the default connection details can be provided in BICS directly. This allows any data loads from Data Sync to directly load in to BICS without having to change the target connection setting while loading data from different sources. This also reduces the effort of providing connection details multiple places.
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