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Quick Tip: What's the real value of IoT?

[fa icon="calendar"] September 10, 2018 / by Bob Dorman, Highstreet

The real value of the Internet of Things (IoT) goes far beyond the functional device. IoT is changing the course of how organizations and their customers interact.

90% of business executives believe IoT is important to the future of their business. 

But 84% of organizations who HAVE IMPLEMENTED IoT have already experienced a security breach as a result.2

There are billions of connected devices of all kinds in offices, stores and hospitals, as well as on city streets, manufacturing floors and wind farms. In fact, Gartner says that by 2020, IoT devices will outnumber laptops, tablets and smartphones by more than three times.3

But devices are just the foundation. The business value comes from the ability to collect and analyze massive amounts of data to automate processes, make better decisions and deliver great customer experiences.

IoT adoption is expected to generate a 21% increase in corporate profits by 2022.4 This business value comes from the ability to automate processes and collect and analyze massive amounts of data—so organizations can make better informed decisions and deliver powerful customer experiences.

But how are organizations really putting IoT to work for their business?

And how can IoT risks be mitigated so these rewards can truly be achieved?

IoT is changing the course of how organizations and their customers interact.

It’s no question that IoT has introduced a new set of business challenges, but it has also unlocked more innovation than industries have seen in decades. Industries like healthcare, finance, manufacturing and retail can use connected devices to create new revenue channels, increase operational efficiencies and generate critical business insights.

In this new connected era, IT and Security professionals have the ability to directly impact organizational success by helping to map out and define the IoT strategy.

Download the eBook Using Secure IoT to Drive Business Growth to explore the potential of IoT in the enterprise, which industries are paving the way, and how to secure your connected things.


Source: Great Bay Software

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