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Quick Tip: The new realities of IT Service Management

[fa icon="calendar"] March 30, 2018 / by Highstreet

As more workloads shift to the cloud, the realm of ITSM expands and becomes more spread out and complex across on-premises, cloud, and hybrid platforms. The latest advanced ITSM solutions are fully capable of providing complete visibility and management capabilities across the dispersed platforms where IT services are now being delivered.

A recent survey of IT executives revealed just how widespread IT Service Management [ITSM] challenges have become.

  • 42% of executives are struggling with managing cloud-based infrastructures.
  • 58% percent of respondents are receiving complaints on application performance.
  • 51% only discover IT issues after they’ve occurred.

Problem #1: Service Levels Suffering

Findings: The most significant area of pain for respondents relates to sub-optimal service levels. The top rated response across all pain points was “Complaints on application performance,” which was selected by 58 percent.

Why it matters: In today’s environment, these obstacles pose significant business challenges.

What to do about it: To combat these challenges, organizations need to establish the following capabilities: intelligent analytics, historical performance reporting, alarm dashboards and portals, SLA monitoring and reporting.

Problem #2: Tool Limitations

Findings: Another common area of trouble had to do with the limited visibility and insights associated with running multiple, isolated ITSM tools.

Why it matters: In many of today’s enterprise IT organizations, dozens of point monitoring tools and platforms have been implemented, with different products being used by different groups, and myriad tools being used for distinct technologies and environments.

What to do about it: Today, it’s essential that IT organizations leverage unified monitoring capabilities that enable teams to effectively manage the performance of all the systems and services the business relies upon.

Problem #3: Slow, Labor-intensive Administrative Efforts

Findings: Another theme that has a clear business impact relates to the laborious, slow processes associated with supporting internal tools, particularly home-grown code and multiple point solutions.

Why it matters: Managing myriad point tools represents a significant and ongoing drain on staff time. Administrators are relegated to compiling and correlating intelligence from disparate sources. When issues arise, troubleshooting is difficult and time consuming.

What to do about it: It is only by leveraging a single, unified platform that organizations can begin to overcome these obstacles. In addition, it is vital that organizations gain monitoring capabilities that promote standardization and automation.

Establishing the monitoring capabilities that address the issues above is a significant challenge for many businesses today.

Download the White Paper The Top Three IT Service Management Challenges—and What to Do About Them to learn more.


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