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Quick Tip: Ten Myths about Cloud (and the Realities)

[fa icon="calendar"] September 11, 2018 / by Beth Mayhew, Highstreet

Expanding the use of clouds and adopting modern cloud services should be a smooth, step-by-step evolution rather than a costly and disruptive overhaul of current operations. Don't be frighted by these 10 myths. Learn the realities.

Myth #1: Everything will go to the public cloud.  

Reality: The percentage of workloads running in private clouds is three-times greater than in public clouds, according to Computerworld.

Myth #2: You’re either entirely in the cloud or not at all. 

Reality: IT managers routinely blend on-premise data centers and clouds to balance current investments with innovative services.

Myth #3: Clouds are one-size-fits-all.  

Reality: A wide range of cloud models exist today, including SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS. The best services allow clients to tailor features for unique needs.

Myth #4: Virtualization is a synonym for cloud. 

Reality: Virtualization software is used extensively in cloud environments, but clouds go a step further with an array of service-based computing capabilities.

Myth #5: Reducing cost is the biggest benefit of cloud.  

Reality: Clouds may potentially shrink capital investments, but IT managers rank other benefits even higher, including greater business agility and better use of resources.

Myth #6: Clouds run on commodity components.  

Reality: Clouds that rely on engineered systems and optimized solutions deliver higher performance and efficiency than those using commodity hardware and software.

Myth #7: Clouds will lock customers into particular vendors.  

Reality: The best cloud providers give clients a range of choices for deploying services on private and public clouds, or using third-party managed cloud services.

Myth #8: All clouds are pay-per-use.  

Reality: A variety of pricing models are available, including the traditional pay-per-use option often used in applications with highly fluctuating workloads or fixed-cost subscriptions, which offer more predictable expenses.

Myth #9: Public clouds are not secure.  

Reality: Enterprise-class clouds are more secure than many on-premise data centers thanks to dedicated teams of security experts, rigorous policies for regulatory compliance, third-party audits, and automatic hardware and software updates.

Myth #10: Choose best-of-breed clouds for every need.  

Reality: Selecting a single cloud provider for enterprise applications and platform and infrastructure services avoids integration problems associated with using multiple cloud vendors.


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Beth Mayhew, Highstreet


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