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Quick Tip: Save your Clicks with PeopleSoft Related Content

[fa icon="calendar"] February 26, 2018 / by Highstreet

Did you ever find that the page you are on in PeopleSoft just doesn’t have all the information you are looking for? 

So, you open a new window and bring up the second and possibly a third page for the related information. It’ time to stop clicking around the digital world, use Related Content.

Related Content allows you to display associated information on the same page. This tool will split the screen at the bottom (right side, new window) to display additional information for the page you are working on. The additional information can be several objects, but the most used are another page or a query. If the display is of another page, it is fully functional. You can even add data to that displayed page without leaving the page you are on. Using a query in Related Content allows for quick summaries.

The benefits of a Related Content are that it is not a customization, it is not impacted by PUM application, it is easy to setup and the queries are built in Query Manager.


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