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Quick Tip: Planning for success and maximizing your Cloud ERP investments

[fa icon="calendar"] April 23, 2018 / by Highstreet

Plan your transformation with change management at its core.

Implementing an integrated Cloud ERP system should be approached as a transformation project rather than a system implementation one. Therefore, all the pillars of transformation – organization/people, process, technology and data/information – should be curated and optimized, and anything less would be a lost opportunity.

However, even the best designed systems and processes are only as good and effective as the people using them. Therefore, an effective Change Management approach that is deliberate and intentional needs to be in place and integrated with your Cloud ERP implementation and continued usage.

Unlike the traditional ERP systems, Cloud ERP systems are designed to take in frequent application upgrades (about twice a year) and patches (at least quarterly) and be on the cutting edge of innovation.

So, to fully realize the value of its potential, your people will need to be trained and managed for consuming these changes coming in at a constant pace.


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