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Quick Tip: New to PeopleTools 8.56? We LOVE Page and Field Configurator.

[fa icon="calendar"] September 24, 2018 / by Amy Prevosto, Highstreet

Page and Field Configurator gives users the flexibility to configure fields and pages, in any component, without having to customize delivered application pages or fields.

Here are some Quick Tips on how to use Page and Field Configurator along with some examples for PeopleSoft HCM.

Page and Field Configurator can be used to hide fields, make them 'display only', un-editable, set-up default values, and modify the labels for fields as well. Pages can be hidden or shown as 'display only'. What is pretty fancy about this tool is that you can set up the Page and Field Configurator for just yourself, a group of users, or everyone who uses that page. This is some nifty functionality!

Example #1

One of our clients doesn’t track Marital Status but it is a required field on a couple of the pages in PeopleSoft. In order to accommodate the request, we made the field 'display only' and 'defaulted a value'. Another key point is that the Page and Field Configurator needs to be set up for each Component that requires the Marital Status field.

For this example, we created the Page and Field Configurator for PERSONAL_DATA and on DEPEND_BENEF.




When we set up the Page and Field Configurator, we went to the last tab 'Map to Portal Registry', we selected 'all options', and then applied the Configuration. Once that was done, we went to those direct pages to make sure our change worked!

Example #2

We have used the Page and Field Configurator a lot for fields on Job Data. The important thing to remember when updating fields on this page is that there are several points of entry, so the Page and Field Configurator will need to be updated for each Component.

Most of our clients in Higher Education and Public Sector utilize the EMPL_CLASS field. We use that Empl Class field to track groupings not only in Human Resources but in Benefits Administration, Absence Management and Time and Labor as well. Because of that reliance on the field, we want to make it required so that it is always populated when a new hire is entered into PeopleSoft.

In previous versions, if our clients wanted to make this field required, it would require the use of Application Designer and would be considered a customization. Now with PeopleTools 8.56, the Page and Field Configurator allows us to make this field not only 'required', but we can 'default a value' that may be most commonly used.

For this example, two components are updated. JOB_DATA and JOB_DATA_EMPL – both Components will have the same configuration. Here are some views of the setup that was completed.



Using the Page and Field Configurator is an easy process with a big impact to the business!

You can learn more here.


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