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Quick Tip: If you have millions and millions of business transactions, maybe it's time for OAHCS.

[fa icon="calendar"] November 12, 2018 / by Beth Mayhew, Highstreet

The Oracle Accounting Hub Cloud Solution (OAHCS) is an integrated accounting platform that standardizes the accounting from multiple third party transactional systems to consistently enforce accounting policies and meet multiple reporting requirements in an automated and controlled fashion, and with minimal disruption to existing financial processes.

Does your organization have enormous volumes of incoming records and complex, multi-layer accounting rules?

This situation is very common in the financial services industry where millions of transactions take place on a daily basis. Oracle's Accounting Hub Cloud Solution (AHCS) is the perfect solution for high volume business transactions that require complex accounting rules involving:Oracle Financial Accounting Hub Solution

  • revenue recognition,
  • forecasting revenue,
  • account reconciliation,
  • cash management.

Done well, AHCS will fully automate accounting entry creation, reduce close timing, and provide significantly improved financial reporting.

If your organization is considering Oracle's Accounting Hub Cloud Solution (AHCS), Highstreet can help you understand the benefits that will allow your organization to gain the greatest value from this tool.

Highstreet has a long history of successfully implementing Oracle Accounting Hub solutions for a variety of businesses and can do the same for you.

Read about our successes >>>>

Contact us to set up a discussion about your goals, your current operating model, and plans for moving forward. In turn, Highstreet experts will provide suggestions, advice, and guidance according to your business needs.


Oracle Accounting Hub Cloud can be implemented alongside existing non-Oracle transactional and other ERP systems to create accounting entries in Oracle general ledgers (e.g. Financials Cloud, E-Business Suite, and PeopleSoft general ledgers) or in other non-Oracle general ledger systems.

Oracle Accounting Hub Cloud offers a smooth transition to cloud computing, allowing customers to continue their financial operations on existing systems without disruption while centralizing critical accounting information for management decisions, audit, and compliance into a central cloud service for easy access across the globe.

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