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Quick Tip: Keeping up with Technology

[fa icon="calendar"] January 18, 2019 / by Beth Mayhew, Highstreet

Because technology moves at breakneck speed it’s easy to see how administrators and internal higher education systems struggle to keep up.

Many institutions own disparate collections of outdated and inflexible systems. In some cases, these systems have been around for years – even decades – producing poor user experiences and higher maintenance costs. In 2017 alone, the estimated IT spend for higher education, as projected by the Center for Digital Education, was a hefty $11 billion.

In order to meet today’s expectations and deliver additional value, traditional processes should be consolidated and digitized. With lower costs of ownership and up-to-the-minute financial and human resources analytics, faculty and staff are empowered to make the macro and micro decisions that shape student success, financial sustainability, and institutional excellence.

To reach new levels of innovation and efficiency, institutions should begin to migrate their legacy applications to the cloud.

The cloud can help you leverage technology and ensure business continuity by:

  • Providing unified management and more visibility
  • Reducing operating costs while enabling the launch of innovative applications and services
  • Using the power of big data to deliver insights and predict future needs
  • Protecting proprietary information through enhanced cybersecurity features
  • Delivering superior disaster recovery capabilities
  • Bridging legacy applications such as Peoplesoft, Banner, and Blackboard to work in synchronization with Oracle Cloud applications

Learn how leveraging deep Oracle expertise, Highstreet is transforming its clients’ ERP and HR platforms.


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Beth Mayhew, Highstreet


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