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Quick Tip: It’s all about the data – searching, identifying, reporting and more.

[fa icon="calendar"] May 30, 2018 / by Highstreet

To use the full functionality of your PeopleSoft system, you must maintain the integrity of your database. With users from many departments entering data into your system, you want to minimize the entry of duplicate or multiple records. 

Search Match - Find duplicates at the start of data entry.

Duplicates are typically caused during the entry of an individual’s data when the new data is just slightly different than the original state in PeopleSoft. Search Match is a tool that attempts to eliminate duplicate entry of data. Making sure that a new EMPLID is NOT created for an existing individual.

The maintenance of duplicate information within PeopleSoft can become an expensive proposition. Defining your search matching rules properly will alert you to possible duplicates at the time of entry of the bio demo data. The ability to merge a duplicate record in PeopleSoft is a long and manual process. So, it’s better to eliminate the possibility of a duplicate as soon as possible.

The problem with the current search management process is that upon entry of data for an individual, a warning is given that is usually overridden by the entry individual. Therefore, it’s important to develop an application that can be batch run, and will process a search match against a large number of EMPLIDs during non-peak hours. This application will produce a report of possible duplicates to be reviewed prior to the individual receiving financial records which are much more difficult to merge.

Identification (ID) Management - Managing ID deletion and change.

Identification (ID) Management is one of the new tools provided by PeopleSoft that allows you to manage the deletion or change of an existing ID. The tool is configurable to stop the deletion of an ID that has certain records associated with it. These records usually revolve around financial information. Use this tool in conjunction with a Search Match application to assist in the merging and removal of duplicate IDs.

State Reporting for Universities and Colleges.

State Reporting is an extraction application built to remove common student information. Most states in the U.S. have reporting requirements for universities or colleges within their state. The majority of this information is bio demo and academic information. Building an application serves both the current campus solutions and the future as these reporting needs will continue into the campus solutions cloud. A set of configuration tables can be established to provide a reconfiguration for different state reporting requirements.

Earnings Code – don’t get rejected.

If funding by Earnings Code in job earnings distribution, always ensure that the default Earnings Code on the employee’s associated Pay Group Table is included in the distribution. Time & labor will automatically reject time when attempting to send it to payroll if the JED distribution does not contain the default Earnings Code from the associated Pay Group Table when funding by Earnings Code. The resulting error message for the rejected time does not provide the necessary information to understand the reason for the reject.


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