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Quick Tip: How to enable the Form Factor drop-down list in PeopleSoft Fluid

[fa icon="calendar"] February 21, 2019 / by Beth Mayhew, Highstreet

By adding the ShowFormFactor web property to the current web profile, you can enable the Form Factor drop-down list to display on the sign-in page.

PeopleSoft provides a built-in option to test fluid components and pages on various form factors. There are form factor testing options like Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large. These various options can be used to view what your page will look like on mobile phones, tablets and various other mobile devices.

The following are the required steps.

  • Go to Navigation: PeopleTools > Web Profile > Web Profile Configuration
  • Click on existing Web Profile and select ‘PROD’
  • Go to the last tab – Custom Properties
  • Add ShowFormFactor as new Custom Properties
  • Set Property Value as ‘True’
  • Update login URL to make sure it ends with “?cmd = login&trace=y”
  • Make sure, Form Factor drop down appear below Password option

 Source: Oracle


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Beth Mayhew, Highstreet


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