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Quick Tip: How to Activate Real Tile Search Functionality for an Existing Fluid Component.

[fa icon="calendar"] February 14, 2019 / by Beth Mayhew, Highstreet

Create a Pivot Grid on the Fluid Component and update Component Properties to activate Search functionality.

The following are the required steps to activate Search page functionality for an existing Fluid Component.

  • Go to Navigation: Reporting Tools > Pivot Grid > Pivot Grid Wizard
  • Add a new value – AJ2_SRCH_PTVOT1 and click Add
  • Add Pivot Grid Title – AJ2_SRCH_PIVOT1 and click Save
  • Select Data Source Type – Component
  • Select Component Name – AJ2_CMP1
  • Click Save
  • Click Apply and then click Next
  • Click Next (no change on ‘Specify Data Model Values’ page)
  • Click Next (No change on ‘Specify Data Model Options’ page)
  • Click Save to ensure that Pivot Grid AJ2_SRCH_PIVOT1 saved successfully
  • Go to Component Properties for component AJ2_CMP1
  • Go to Fluid tab and select Search Type as ‘Standard
  • Go to Internet tab and radio button as ‘Search’
  • Make following changes: AJ2_REC1.EMPLID = “001”; and REM AJ2_REC1.LASTUPDDTTM =
  • Open record AJ2_REC1 and open field LASTUPDDTTM properties
  • Uncheck checkboxes – Search Key, List Box Item
  • Go to homepage and re-open tile AJ2 Cmp1
  • Make sure Search page appear on the left side panel
  • Click on Add button
  • Make sure Emplid add page has only Emplid field shown
  • Add data for EmplId – 007 and try to search same data again

Source: Oracle


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