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Quick Tip: Global search is a reality in PeopleSoft 9.2. What does this mean?

[fa icon="calendar"] February 7, 2018 / by Amy Prevosto, Highstreet

Many organizations using PeopleSoft don’t realize that search has been significantly improved with Elasticsearch.

It is now possible to do a search that will cross all modules, where in the past, you would have to drop into each one. For example, if you need to know about a particular vendor, you can search on that vendor once and get all activity across AP, AR, Purchasing, etc. Then quickly navigate to the information that you need without having to run separate searches in each of those modules.

The tool behind this technology is Elasticsearch. PeopleSoft is moving away from Verity and SES with support for both of those expiring in 2018. With tools release 8.56, PeopleSoft only supports Elasticsearch. Deployment of the new tool is easier than ever and provides more capabilities. From a technical perspective, the tool has a much smaller impact on the environment and the user experience is faster and more effective.

For organizations that have begun the migration to the Fluid interface, the search tool is available on every page and it provides quick access to information using the global search features and with Elasticsearch, those searches are faster and more effective.

Visit the PSFTOracle YouTube channel to learn more.

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