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Quick Tip: Convert manual procedures to paperless processes with PeopleSoft on-line forms and approval tools.

[fa icon="calendar"] June 18, 2018 / by Highstreet

The Forms and Approval Builder enables you to design online forms, specify the approval process that is required, and deploy them to users within your organization.

Use the Forms and Approval Builder feature to convert manual procedures to paperless processes that include workflow-based approvals and an audit trail for tracking progress.

  • No coding is required on your part, and future upgrades to your PeopleSoft system will not require you to update these forms, since the forms you create are not customizations.
  • Once a form is published, users can navigate to the form using the main menu, complete the fields, and submit it for approval.
  • Each published form includes three tabs: Form, Instructions, and Attachments.
  • An audit trail of the approval history and comments is automatically generated as the form goes through the approval process.
  • You can review the audit trail to see the history for each step of the approval chain.

It’s as easy as that.


Form Design

To create forms, use the Design Form Wizard component which will guide you through the steps. Forms can contain fields arranged into one or two columns. You can specify which fields are required, and define the edits that a field must pass in order for the completed form to be saved. As you design the form, you can use a variety of field types such as Numeric, Text, Date, Time, Yes/No, a Prompt, Code, and Section.

Form Status
It is important to understand the distinction between a ‘form’ and a ‘form instance’.

A ‘form’ is the “master” form or template that is created using the Form Design Wizard component.

A 'form instance’ is a deployed form that has been completed by a form user. Each ‘form instance’ is automatically assigned a unique number, so all completed forms can be tracked and managed independently.

  • The possible status values for a 'form’ include: In Design, Activated, or Inactive.
  • The possible status values for a 'form instance’ include: Initial, Pending, On Hold, Approved, Denied, or Cancelled.

Form Security
User roles determine who has permission to access, design, and administer forms. Roles can include User, Designer, Admin, or Developer and have varying levels of access and permissions.


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