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Quick Tip: Adopting new HR technology must be easy and effortless

[fa icon="calendar"] January 11, 2019 / by Highstreet

Is your HR team on board with new technology? Or, are they sticking their heads in the sand?

So, you secured the funding, selected the software vendor, and selected your implementation partner. You had a successful implementation and deployed the software on time. Yet, it’s been difficult getting your staff to use the expansive functionality of the new software.

If your employees don’t use the new system, your investment will not be realized, and the implementation will be considered a failure and waste of money.

Your software can be ‘state of the art’ with many bells and whistles, but; if your employees are frustrated by the number of steps they have to execute or how often they need to refer to training materials, they’ll abandon the new system in favor of the old system. For new technology is to be successful and efficiently used, it must be easy and effortless.

In an article on lagging adoption rates for new technology, Dave Zielinski states that 'Design Thinking' is now being adopted by HR tech leaders as a new strategy to improve adoption rates. Design thinking evaluates how employees perform their daily tasks and use this information to provide feedback to fit the workflow processes.

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Not having a clear vision for why you are purchasing new software or how it will integrate with existing technology can also lead to under utilization. And, don’t leave out communication and training. A comprehensive communication effort and training, with an emphasis on how the technology will make the employees’ work easier, will go far to increase the adoption rate.


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