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Optimize more than your business processes and applications [part 4]

[fa icon="calendar"] November 15, 2017 / by Highstreet

Optimizing your business processes and applications are only part of the continuous improvement equation. Your applications are only as good as the infrastructure on which they run.

From on-premise through cloud-based applications and everything in between, optimizing your infrastructure ensures your applications are running at peak performance and availability, while enabling you to move from a capital expense model to a more predictable operations expense model. A few alternatives are described below.

PeopleSoft Hosting

If your organization is looking to keep the on-premise PeopleSoft user experience, but without the required infrastructure upkeep, having a qualified 3rd party company host your PeopleSoft environment might be the right choice for you. With PeopleSoft hosting, you’ll reap the benefits of cloud while maintaining the same functionality and user experience as an on-premise system.

Infrastructure in the Cloud

There are several options for moving some or all of your infrastructure to the cloud. Look for a company that will work with you to build a strategy that works for your organization’s priorities and requirements.

Private Cloud – Equipment on which you run your applications is dedicated specifically to your organization.

Public Cloud – With this option, you will realize economies of scale when your organization pools and shares resources to run IT operations with other organizations.

Hybrid – With this option, you can take advantage of the cloud for certain equipment and keep other equipment on-premise.

Managed Applications

A full-scale PeopleSoft implementation requires a large team with varied skills. However, many organizations are looking to reduce dedicated internal resources. Look for a Managed Applications Service Provider that has the expertise and support you need to drive business outcome, not just reduce costs. You’ll also be able to shift your staff’s focus to more mission-critical, strategic activities.


PeopleSoft has been instrumental in helping organizations run mission-critical business processes for more than twenty years. Yet, many companies don’t spend enough time thinking about how to best optimize their environment. Get the Four Essential Strategies to Optimize your PeopleSoft Environment and you have a proven path to maximizing your PeopleSoft investment to achieve better business outcomes.


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