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Quick Tip: Oracle Top 10 Cloud Predictions. #9 - Automation will become the most reliable way of preventing, detecting, and mitigating security threats

[fa icon="calendar"] April 11, 2019 / by Highstreet

Oracle explores what the enterprise IT world will look like by 2025 as the adoption of cloud rises.

According to Oracle’s Top Ten Cloud Predictions (2019), organizations will need to employ cloud-based Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help defend against security threats.

Prediction #9

The number of security events will increase 100x, and automation will become the most reliable way of preventing, detecting, and mitigating threats.

Today, the volume of security events makes timely prioritization and troubleshooting a unique challenge, because every event needs to be evaluated and either acted upon or disregarded.

By 2025, Oracle expects the most effective way to defeat a highly automated network of attackers is for enterprises to turn over the mass analysis of events to intelligent AI-driven analysis platforms that span the entire enterprise IT estate.

Download Oracle Top Ten Cloud Predictions (2019) – Predicting the future of the enterprise cloud by 2025—your company in the cloud.

Source: Oracle


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