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Quick Tip: Oracle Top 10 Cloud Predictions. #6 - The developer community will expand and productivity will increase

[fa icon="calendar"] March 27, 2019 / by Highstreet

Oracle explores what the enterprise IT world will look like by 2025 as the adoption of cloud rises.

According to Oracle’s Top Ten Cloud Predictions (2019), despite huge growth in the number of developers working today, demand for applications continues to outpace the supply of trained developers.

Prediction #6

The developer community will expand 10× and productivity will increase by 400%

The newest innovations require mastery of new technologies as well as knowledge disciplines. For example, adding natural interfaces, such as language processing or data-enhanced imagery (augmented reality), requires advanced degrees in artificial intelligence and image processing—a level of expertise and qualification that’s certainly not widespread.

Next-generation environments, that simply allow dragging and dropping of intelligent components into an application (a visual “no-code” approach to development) will see non-professional developers start to reduce the application backlog, and even encourage line-of-business experts to build their own solutions where necessary.

Automation will take this to the next level. Developers will be able to work in a virtual world of coding components and simulations that span the entire development lifecycle. With these new tools, 2025 will see a larger developer community than ever before—and that community will be far more effective, due to immersive, AI-driven development experiences.

Download Oracle Top Ten Cloud Predictions (2019) – Predicting the future of the enterprise cloud by 2025—your company in the cloud.

Source: Oracle


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