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Quick Tip: Oracle Top 10 Cloud Predictions. #4 - AI and emerging technologies double productivity

[fa icon="calendar"] March 18, 2019 / by Highstreet

Oracle explores what the enterprise IT world will look like by 2025 as the adoption of cloud rises.

According to Oracle’s Top Ten Cloud Predictions (2019), Artificial Intelligence (AI) already has immense power to increase human productivity, and as AI capabilities keep improving, those productivity gains are only going to get bigger, and be experienced by more people.

Prediction #4

Artificial intelligence (AI) improves productivity.

As the volume and depth of data available to businesses grow, AI will become better at making decisions—seeing it evolve from a technology used to reduce human effort into something that can truly reduce human bias.

AI changes the productivity equation for many jobs by automating activities and adapting current jobs to solve more complex and time consuming problems.

With built-in AI and more integration of emerging technologies like blockchain for secure high-trust transactions, this will enable companies to shift resources to focus on business growth and innovation.

Download Oracle Top Ten Cloud Predictions (2019) – Predicting the future of the enterprise cloud by 2025—your company in the cloud.

Source: Oracle


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