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Quick Tip: Make managing financial transactions from disparate source systems a breeze

[fa icon="calendar"] April 22, 2019 / by Highstreet

Is it a mind-numbing ordeal for your organization to manage financial transactions from disparate source systems?

Well, companies like yours are discovering that Oracle Accounting Hub Cloud makes the process a breeze. Imagine having control to quickly create accounting from disparate source systems, consistently apply accounting policies to transactions, and have complete and timely insight into your data.

Oracle AHCS helps finance organizations succeed by uniting disparate source systems for thorough enterprise accounting and complete enterprise insight. With Accounting Hub Cloud, you can:

  • Stay focused on your company’s mission to manage corporate accounting of the disparate systems.
  • Have a real time view of complete accounting with centralized and secure management and control.
  • Make more informed decisions because you have just one place to go for all accounting and operational information.
  • Let accounting personnel own the entire process (no dependencies on IT) so you ensure reliable results.

What does AHCS mean for you?

Finance Executives

  • Deliver complete insight with centrally-accessible and rich business information.
  • Quickly create accounting for disparate source systems, easily adapt rules as accounting policies change.

Finance Personnel

  • Apply accounting policies consistently with centralized rules, and eliminate errors with touch-less processing.
  • Easily import transactions throughout period before period close.
  • Enhance auditability with centralized accounting; streamline reconciliations with supporting ref’s that tie to source systems.

IT Executives

  • Provide uniform and low risk solution to integrate 3rd party systems accounting.
  • Easily connect industry-specific 3rd party systems to your primary ERP system.

Let's talk!

Oracle Accounting Hub Cloud (AHCS) creates accounting for disparate systems and brings it all together into your primary general ledger for a single source of truth that consistently enforces accounting policies, and achieves complete and timely insight. Key features are:

  • Rapid implementation.
  • Leverage Financials Cloud’s capabilities, including sub-ledger accounting.
  • Sub-ledgers created for 3rd party system.s
  • Centralized accounting engine.
  • Touch-less accounting from external sources.
  • Supporting references track balances beyond the Chart of Accounts (COA).

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Schedule a discussion that will focus on your goals, current operating model, and plans for moving forward. Our experts will provide suggestions, advice, and guidance based on your business needs.

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