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Expert Tip: SFP Fund Eligibility Screen

[fa icon="calendar"] August 18, 2020 / by Heidi McLellan

As a financial aid administrator, there can be a lot of pressure to assist students while ensuring regulatory compliance is being upheld to protect your institution. Why hasn’t the student received their funds? What paperwork or tasks are remaining? Who needs to complete these action items? Well, for some of these more common questions, Highstreet’s Student Financial Planning team headed by Heidi McLellan, a Principal Cloud consultant, has an Expert Tip for you. Instead of sorting through numerous reports, you can quickly access a student’s Fund Eligibility data and save yourself some time and effort—all of this information can be found on the Fund Eligibility screen. Look below for how to navigate to that screen. 

To View the Fund Eligibility Screen

Student Financial Planning User Interface > Student > Student Record > Financial Information > Fund Eligibility

 fund eligibility screen for blog


In Student Financial Planning there is a Fund Eligibility screen that helps an administrative user determine ‘How Much’ and ‘When’ a student should receive their funds.  This screen also helps the user very quickly access why the student has not received their funds and who is responsible for completing the tasks necessary for the student to receive their funds.”


By learning your SFP system intimately and implementing tips like the one above, you’ll be able to spend less time in the weeds of paperwork and more time doing what you do best— advising and advocating for students.

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