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Johnson City kicks-off their Digital Transformation

Spearheading First Banner & Destiny to Oracle Cloud Interfaces

SAU Eloqua & CX Oracle Cloud Application Go-Live

A Socially Distant Holiday Party

Highstreet named Most Promising Oracle Consulting Service Company by CIOReview

Highstreet’s 2020 Intern Highlights

Bridge Over Troubled Waters: MEEC Financial Aid Webinar

First in Florida to implement Continuing Education

GCRTA Chooses Oracle Cloud: Highstreet to implement Finance & HR Payroll

Expert Tip: Obfuscating PII in Non-Production OBI Reports

Oracle Webinar: Ensuring Affordability in Higher Ed

Record Breaking Oracle Accounting Hub Cloud Service Implementation

Expert Tip: Preparation, Expectations & Keys to Success when Implementing Oracle EPM Planning

Innovating in Higher Ed when the Budget Drops Out: Panel with KU, Skidmore, Spring Arbor & Oracle

“FastTrack to the Cloud”: American University of Antigua picks Highstreet to implement Oracle Student Financial Planning

Implementing Oracle Student Management Cloud at a 22-College System

Engaging Our Community: KIPP DC & Highstreet Create Summer Internship

Expert Tip: SFP Fund Eligibility Screen

Largest Town in South Carolina Goes Live with Oracle Cloud ERP

Oracle’s Quarterly Releases, Highstreet’s Cloud Center of Excellence, and What Your Business Needs to Know

Spring Arbor University Selects Highstreet for the First Ever Full-Suite Oracle Cloud Implementation

Academy of Art University Selects Highstreet to Implement Oracle Student Financial Planning

Why You Should Consider the Switch to Oracle Accounting Hub Cloud Service

LCCC Selects Highstreet to Implement Oracle Student Financial Planning

Highstreet’s Extended Cloud Service Provides a Complete Support Solution for the Oracle Cloud Suite

Syneos Health Transitions from OMCS to OCI

Highstreet Bridges™ Enables a Seamless Path to Oracle Cloud Suite

Quick Tip: Isolate PeopleSoft Customizations with Drop Zones

Quick Tip: Get your Stakeholders on Board and Ready for the Digital Transformation of Higher Education

Meet the Highstreet team at the Healthcare Industry Users Group's INTERACT 2019 conference

Quick Tip: New Videos Available on PeopleSoft YouTube Channel

Quick Tip: The Realities of Government ERP Today

Quick Tip: Oracle EBS Summit June 11–13 in Redwood Shores, CA

Quick Tip: ERP Implementation: The 5 major steps

Quick Tip: Four things CIOs supporting on-premises ERP applications need to do to successfully migrate them to the cloud

Quick Tip: Top 5 Trends Influencing Higher Education IT

Quick Tip: Top 10 Reasons to Deploy Modern Finance

Meet the Highstreet team in Los Angeles at #GFOA2019

Quick Tip: Welcome to a new era of Enterprise IT

Quick Tip: The Reporting Pyramid

Quick Tip: Cloud Turbo Charged Reporting

Quick Tip: 4 Things CIOs need to know before moving on-premise ERP applications to the Cloud

Quick Tip: Oracle Innovation Hubs

Quick Tip: High Demand for PeopleSoft and Oracle EBS Managed Services

Quick Tip: Make managing financial transactions from disparate source systems a breeze

Quick Tip: Oracle Top 10 Cloud Predictions. #10 - 70% of IT functions will be completely automated

Quick Tip: CIOs make ERP the core of their IT strategy

Quick Tip: Oracle Top 10 Cloud Predictions. #9 - Automation will become the most reliable way of preventing, detecting, and mitigating security threats

Quick Tip: 2019 Oracle ERP Cloud Benchmark Report

Quick Tip: Oracle Top 10 Cloud Predictions. #8 - 90% of enterprises will use a single identity platform

Lessons Learned - Getting your head in the Cloud while keeping your feet on the ground

Quick Tip: Oracle Top 10 Cloud Predictions. #7 - More than 50% of data will be managed autonomously

Quick Tip: Oracle Top 10 Cloud Predictions. #6 - The developer community will expand and productivity will increase

Meet the Highstreet team at COLLABORATE 19 in San Antonio

Quick Tip: Why health organizations are embracing Cloud to improve the physician and patient experience

Quick Tip: Oracle Top 10 Cloud Predictions. #5 - 85% of customer interactions will be automated

Quick Tip: Oracle Empowers HR with New Features in HCM Cloud

Quick Tip: Oracle Top 10 Cloud Predictions. #4 - AI and emerging technologies double productivity

Quick Tip: What's the CIO's role in Hospital Mergers?

Quick Tip: Oracle Top 10 Cloud Predictions. #3 - All applications will incorporate Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Quick Tip: Oracle Top 10 Cloud Predictions. #2 - 80% of workloads move to the cloud

Highstreet Helps Portland Public Schools Migrate to the Cloud

Quick Tip: Oracle Top 10 Cloud Predictions. #1 - 100% data-center replacement

Getting your head in the Cloud while keeping your feet on the ground

Quick Tip: How to convert an existing PeopleSoft Classic PIA to Fluid User Interface

Quick Tip: Manage the look and feel of any PeopleSoft application with PeopleTools

Quick Tip: Do you have an ERP Center of Excellence within your organization?

Quick Tip: How to change your default branding theme to PeopleSoft Fluid.

Quick Tip: How to enable the Form Factor drop-down list in PeopleSoft Fluid

Meet the Highstreet Higher Ed team at ALLIANCE in Orlando, FL

Quick Tip: How to Create a new Approval Form in PeopleSoft Fluid using Form Builder

Quick Tip: How to Activate Real Tile Search Functionality for an Existing Fluid Component.

Quick Tip: How to Create Navigation Selections and Tile Wizards in PeopleSoft Fluid

Quick Tip: How to Create a Tile for an existing Pivot Grid in PeopleSoft Fluid.

Quick Tip: Putting Financial Reporting in the Hands of the Users.

Quick Tip: The New Campus Experience

Quick Tip: Empowered Research

Highstreet IT Solutions, LLC Recognized as AWS Standard Partner

Quick Tip: Connect and Extend your Apps

Quick Tip: Keeping up with Technology

Case Study: University of Kansas (KU) integrates Oracle Cloud ERP

Quick Tip: Adopting new HR technology must be easy and effortless

Quick Tip: Tribal Knowledge Doesn't Scale

Quick Tip: The Business Opportunities of Blockchain Technology

Quick Tip: Industry News & Articles

Happy Holidays from Highstreet

Quick Tip: Top Five Tips from 2018

Case Study: City of Eugene's Corporate Renovation Project

Quick Tip: Onboarding - the first step to a great relationship

Quick Tip: Financial services institutions gain advantage moving ERP and EPM to the Cloud

Quick Tip: Latest updates to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Quick Tip: Do you know the components within Oracle PeopleSoft Campus Solutions 9.2?

Quick Tip: If you have millions and millions of business transactions, maybe it's time for OAHCS.

Quick Tip: Oracle ERP Cloud named Leader by Gartner

Quick Tip: PeopleSoft Fluid and Oracle Selective Adoption OnDemand Webinars available anytime, anywhere.

Meet the Highstreet Higher Ed team at EDUCAUSE

California Community College (Highstreet Customer) Modernizes with Oracle Cloud

Quick Tip: "Forces of Change" in Healthcare Driving Technology Disruption

Quick Tip: Oracle and LinkedIn announce integration and data-sharing relationship

Quick Tip: What's new in PeopleSoft PeopleTools 8.57

Quick Tip: The focus is on Higher Ed at EDUCAUSE. See you in Denver.

Webinar: Chh…Chh…Chh…Changes. Selective Adoption Strategies

Quick Tip: Is your finance organization still working with spreadsheets?

Quick Tip: Is your CFO moving to the Cloud?

Quick Tip: Are you the 'tortoise' or the 'hare' when it comes to moving your Oracle applications to the Cloud?

Quick Tip: Building a business case to move HCM to the Cloud.

Quick Tip: Highstreet is transforming its clients’ ERP and HR platforms

Quick Tip: Six Key Considerations for Internet of Things (IoT) Connection Security

Quick Tip: New to PeopleTools 8.56? We LOVE Page and Field Configurator.

Quick Tip: PeopleSoft Fluid and Selective Adoption Webinars - LIVE

Quick Tip: Meet the Highstreet Higher-Ed Group at a local event in October.

Quick Tip: Seven Device Security Issues to Consider

Quick Tip: Seven Best Practices for Data Security

Quick Tip: Colleges and universities customer-centric approach to cloud paves the way to the modern campus

Quick Tip: Ten Myths about Cloud (and the Realities)

Quick Tip: What's the real value of IoT?

Quick Tip: HR and Finance - the new Cloud team for the back-office

Quick Tip: Start studying emerging trends now, so you can be on top in 2030

Quick Tip: One major reason IT projects fall behind schedule… Testing.

Quick Tip: Advanced Rule Settings for Oracle Fusion Financials Workflow

Quick Tip: In Eloqua Student Engagement Cloud, use the Storyboard to create an Audience/Asset Checklist

Quick Tip: It’s time to break up with UPK!

Quick Tip: Storyboarding a multi-step marketing campaign is critical in Eloqua Student Engagement Cloud

Quick Tip: Penetration Testing Explained: What, How, and Why.

Quick Tip: Remote Consulting - cost savings, increased productivity, and client satisfaction

Quick Tip: The Difference Between Pen Tests and Vulnerability Assessments.

Quick Tip: How to adopt Selective Adoption.

Quick Tip: Save Time on BICS Implementations by building BICS Data Models and Reports even when data hasn’t been loaded.

Quick Tip: What does Selective Adoption mean for PeopleSoft customers?


Quick Tip: Top 20 Cybersecurity Controls

Quick Tip: What is Selective Adoption? Why should I care?

Quick Tip: Cybercrime is the New Normal

Quick Tip: Highstreet is on the road in July. Find out where we'll be.

Quick Tip: Use ODICS Simulations to test your Mappings code before deployment.

Quick Tip: What's the difference between Oracle ICS, OIC, and AIC?

Quick Tip: Getting the most out of PeopleSoft HCM Update Image 26

Quick Tip: With OAC and BICS, let the Oracle Database Cloud Service do the heavy lifting.

Quick Tip: You're in control with PeopleSoft Selective Adoption

Quick Tip: Convert manual procedures to paperless processes with PeopleSoft on-line forms and approval tools.

Quick Tip: Life Events with PeopleSoft Fluid

City of Hope gets staff fueled with HCM Fluid

Quick Tip: Implementing PeopleSoft Fluid and improving the user experience

Highstreet is gearing up to participate in the Healthcare Industry User Group (HIUG) Interact 18 conference.

Quick Tip: It’s all about the data – searching, identifying, reporting and more.

Quick Tip: Why Fluid - What’s in it for me?

Quick Tip: Use Oracle BICS DataSync for loading on-premise data to the cloud.

Quick Tip: Are you utilizing CFO to understand new Oracle functionality in a release?

Quick Tip: PeopleSoft Payables and Purchasing.

Quick Tip: Maximize ERP Cloud investments and get engaged with your Cloud ecosystem.

Quick Tip: Is a Cloud implementation any different than an on-premise one?

Quick Tip: Leverage Oracle Social Network pre-built in your Cloud application

Quick Tip: Elasticsearch is the only Search Engine supported for PeopleSoft as of May 1st

Quick Tip: Streamline Your Employee Onboarding process – just use PeopleSoft Activity Guides

Quick Tip: Synthetic monitoring - don't get caught off guard.

Quick Tip: 5 Tips for Successful PeopleSoft Project Management.

Quick Tip: Planning for success and maximizing your Cloud ERP investments

Quick Tip: Keep up to date with Office 365 tricky features and sneaky shortcuts

Quick Tip: 3 Strategies for Implementing PeopleSoft Fluid

Quick Tip: Don’t get mired in your PeopleSoft Financials. 5 Tips to help you improve productivity & efficiency.

Highstreet is gearing up to participate in COLLABORATE 18

Quick Tip: Effectively planning, managing and controlling your Cloud ERP implementations

Quick Tip: Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud [PBCS] Dimension [Account Segment] Build File Specifications

Quick Tip: For an elegant Amazon-like shopping cart experience, use PunchOuts in Self-Service Procurement Cloud.

Quick Tip: The new realities of IT Service Management

Highstreet Transforms University of Kansas to the Cloud

University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point (UWSP) live on Student Enterprise Resource Planning system: Oracle’s Campus Solutions version 9.2.

To the Cloud. A long way to move the cheese.

Quick Tip: New to PeopleTools 8.56? You CAN make changes without customization.

City of Eugene, Oregon leverages internal tensions in a major corporate software implementation

Why does it take a major event to motivate organizations to patch critical network vulnerabilities?

Quick Tip: Take one bite at a time during a Peoplesoft Project

Enabling Digital Transformation in Higher Education

Share Your PeopleSoft Story at RECONNECT. Call for Papers closes Friday, March 16th.

Quick Tip: Three Reasons to Evolve ITSM for the New Application Economy

Quick Tip: Single source of truth for accounting rules

Quick Tip: Campus users are raving about the new PeopleSoft Fluid UI.

Quick Tip: Is your data vulnerable? Time to implement a 4 stage plan.

Quick Tip: Oracle wants your Input - Oracle’s Community Idea Spaces for PeopleSoft

Quick Tip: Save your Clicks with PeopleSoft Related Content

Quick Tip: Keep your customers and employees happy - service availability and continuity best practices

Quick Tip: Don't Struggle with PeopleSoft Update Manager (PUM)

Quick Tip: PeopleSoft Activity Guides - Follow the yellow brick road

Quick Tip: Microsoft Office 365 Migration

Quick Tip: PeopleSoft on YouTube!

Quick Tip: PeopleSoft Campus Solutions has a new search engine—Elasticsearch.

Quick Tip: Did you know you should run a Health Check on your Active Directory (AD) once a year?

Quick Tip: Global search is a reality in PeopleSoft 9.2. What does this mean?

Get and stay current with PeopleSoft [part 1]

Optimize internal business practices [part 2]

Look where you're not looking for PeopleSoft efficiencies [part 3]

Optimize more than your business processes and applications [part 4]

“Application-focused” vs. “Business-driven” managed application service providers

What’s driving the move to managed application service providers?

How enhanced IT solutions can help you with protecting your business information.

Protect your business with Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)


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